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9 Best Water Purifiers in India (2020)

purified water from best water purifier

Best Water Purifier in India is a necessity for home these days. As water is contaminated by so many pollutants.

It is unsafe and unhealthy to drink water which is coming from the Tap or Ground.

A Study took by BIS in November 2019 on quality of piped drinking water being supplied. Almost all samples from 20 states were failed.

Here is a screenshot of the Report given by Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Shri Ram Vilas Paswan.

Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Shri Ram Vilas Paswan releases Water Quality Report for State Capitals & Delhi as analysed by BIS

There is so much contaminants left in water after coming from water treatment plants to our home.

One of the main contaminant present in water is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which is almost always present in water coming from Municipal Corporation

The Best and Easy way to remove these Contaminants is by using the Best Water Purifier in India

If you have some Questions.


What is RO? or Which Water Purifier Brand is great?

Then after this list of 9 best water purifiers 

I have tried to give some of answers to your question.

If you still have some questions then you can ask me in comments.



So,Here is the list of Top water purifiers in India

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 8 litres
  • Patented Mineral RO Technology
  • Multistage Purification Technology of RO + UV / UF 
  • Material tank type: Food grade plastic
  • Water Level Indicator
  • High Purification Capacity of 20L/hr

The Kent Grand is equipped with Patented Mineral RO technology with an inbuilt TDS controller.

Which can purify all types of water even if it is tap water or municipal corporation water.

This water purifier uses multistage purification technology of RO + UV / UF which removes dissolved impurities, chemicals, microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and salts.

Essential Minerals are also added as they lose minerals when the purification process takes place.

It comes with an advanced ‘Save Water Technology’ feature which decreases the water wastage.

This is one of the best water purifier in India as it has more than 1500 services center in PAN India.

Pros & Cons

  • Purifies Inlet Water from All Sources
  • PAN India Service Network
  • Mineral RO Technology retains essential natural minerals
  • Certified and Awarded
  • High Price

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • Advanced RO + UV + MP 
  •  6-stage purification
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Advanced Voltage Fluctuation Guard
  • Membrane Protector (MP)
  • Material:- Food Grade Plastic

One of the Best Water Purifier in India as it has 6 Stages purification Which ensures that you get 100% pure water to drink.

TDS (Total dissolved salts) removal up to 2000 ppm that turns hard water into soft water, and makes it tasty and safe to drink.

Additional stage of purification “Membrane Protector” removes some contaminants from water before they reaches the RO membrane.

And by doing that, it increases the life of the RO membrane.

The Power-Saving Mode sends water purifier into stand by mode when the water tank gets full.

Its water tank is built with Food Grade Plastic which is common in almost every Purifier

Pros & Cons

  • Membrane Protector increase life of other membranes
  • Affordable Price
  • Great Flavor
  • Stabilizer not needed
  • 5 L storage only

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 8 liters
  • Advanced 7-stage Purification
  • Copper Charge Technology(TM)
  • Dual dispensing system 
  • Intelligent Copper Auto Cleaning Feature 
  • Alert System
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 28 Liters per hour

The HUL Pureit Copper purifies water with a 7 sage Purification System (Mineral RO + UV + MF). And it is great for TDS up to 2000 ppm.

So you need not care about purification.

This Water Purifier is equipped with Copper Charge Technology, which Charges RO water with 99.8% pure copper.

And you have the choice to drink either RO+Cooper water or only RO water. Because of the Dual Water Dispensing Technology.

It has some other features like Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning which senses and schedules copper auto-cleaning, and the Precise Copper Dosing which helps in Infusing the right amount of copper.

This HUL Pureit Copper water purifier is the Premium Water Purifier in this listWater is surely healthy, but your budget should be more.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium Water Purifier
  • Fabulous Design
  • Healthy Water
  • Unique Copper Charge Technology
  • Dispense both Copper Purified Water and Purified Water
  • Customers gave it 4.3/5
  • High Price

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 7 liters tank
  • Dual RO+UV+MTDS Technology
  • Advanced TDS Regulator
  • Smart LED Indicators
  • Energy-Saving Mode
  • Flexible Installation
  • Material Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic
  • Power Consumption : 40 Watts 

The Eureka Forbes is a product from a Trusted brand “Aquaguard”. Which has 7 liters of capacity. 

It’s Dual RO+UV+MTDS Technology helps in producing 100% safe and purified water for your home. Equipped with an advanced TDS regulator (MTDS), which makes water taste better as per the water source.

This Water Purifier Comes with Smart LED indicators, which indicates Power On, Purification On, and Tank Full Status.

Energy Saving mode shuts down the purifier automatically when the water tank gets full.

The water tank is made up of Food Grade Plastic

You can wall-mount it or can place it on a tabletop. 

Here is a TIP:- If not an emergency then, buy it on special occasions.  

Pros & Cons

  • LED indicators
  • PAN India Service Network (1500 cities)
  • Taste is Great (MTDS Technology)
  • Trusted Brnd
  • High Price

Top Highlights

  • Tank capacity :  7 liters
  • RO and UV purification
  • Minerals cartridge
  • Revitalizer
  • Iprotect purification
  • Cool Design

This Havells Max is one of the best affordable Water purifier having a tank capacity of 7 liters.

Firstly it passes through the RO membrane and then UV purification to ensure safe and pure drinking water for your family.

Minerals cartridge, which rectifies the pH value and add natural minerals to provides healthier and tastier water.

Revitalizer technology improves the hydration and mineral absorption capacity.

The Havells Max is a smart product as it is featured with I protect purification which constantly monitors and ensures to give safe and pure water. 

Pros & Cons

  • Some great technologies
  • Awesome Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Tasty Flavor
  • Mineral Cartidge for natural minerals
  • High maintaince

Top Highlights

  • Capacity:- 9 Liters
  • Filtration capacity: 13.5LPH
  • 8 Stage Mineral Water Purifier
  • Copper guard technology
  • Water tank: ABS food grade plastic
  • Germ Block Technology
  • RO membrane work upto 2500 TDS filtration limit
  • Smart energy saving mode

Faber Galaxy Plus is an under budget Water Purifier with some creative design and a capacity of 9 liters. It can Filter 13.5 Liters per hour.

The 8 stages RO+UV+UF+MAT Filtration system gives you and your family ultra-purified drinking water.

It’s RO membrane work up to 2500 TDS filtration limit

Therefore works well with municipality corporation water supply, tap water, and groundwater.

Mineral Addition Technology adds essential Minerals like copper magnesium.

Faber Galaxy Plus has Copper guard technology which acts as an anti-fouling agent that helps you in drinking hygienic and tasty water.

Overall, this is an affordable Water Purifier. This water filter works with almost every kind of water supply. 

Pros & Cons

  • Copper Guard Technology
  • Stunning Look
  • Affordable Price
  • Mineral Addition Technology
  • High Maintaince

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 7 liters
  • Triple layered RO + UV+UF protection 
  • Aqua taste booster (ATB)
  • Purification-on Indicator
  • UV fail alert, Low Pressure Alert
  • Tank-full Indicator

The Blue Star Aristo has a capacity of 7 Liters. And have Triple Layered RO+UV+UF Protection, which is 7 step water purification.

This Water Filter is equipped with Aqua Taste Booster, Which enhances the taste of water

Therefore 100% pure and healthy water to drink.

It includes Three indicators that show Purification-on, UV Fail and Low water pressure.

So, it will tell you if there is any problem with the water purifier.

Blue Star Aristo has Copper impregnated activated carbon, which removes odor and also has anti-bacterial properties.

It has a Child lock, so there is no wastage of water. This water filter is one of the best water Purifier In India.

Pros & Cons

  • Numerous Excellent Features
  • Marvelous Black Look
  • Affordable Price
  • Copper Impregenated Activated Carbon
  • High Maintaince
  • Extra Charges for Installation

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 10 Liters
  • Material Tank Type : Virgin food -grade ABS
  • Hot Water
  •  5 stage water purifier
  • Digital display 

Go for this A.O.Smith Water Purifier if you want a budgeted smart purifier with some advanced features. 

It comes with a huge 10 liters water storage.

The plastic used to make this is ABS plastic, Which is common among other best filters. 

It can give you filtered Hot water as per your convenience.

Water Purifies in 5 stages to ensure that you will get healthy and pure water. It is a UV purified water purifier.

This purifier will alert you in advance if the UV lamp gets tainted.

The purifier has India’s first UV with night assist, 

Which gives your kitchen a great look at night and helps you too at night,

kind of intelligent purifier.

If your water condition is too bad, then don’t consider it because it can filter the only TDS up to 200 ppm and hardness up to 120ppm. Make sure to check it.  

Pros & Cons

  • Hot Water
  • Digital Display
  • Affordable Price
  • UV Light
  • High Maintaince
  • Suggested for TDS up to 200 ppm

Top Highlights

  • Capacity: 15 Liters
  • So Affordable
  • Water Level Indicator
  • RO and UV Treatment
  • Extra Cartridge

This Aquafresh Swift is a very low-cost Water Purifier in the market and because of that, it is quite famous among the consumers. 

It has a huge capacity of 15 liters, which is more than enough for an Indian family.

The latest RO+UF+UV technology, which eliminates harmful contaminants from water.

It also has mineral cartridges, iron remover, TDS adjuster technology, which make the presence of minerals and makes water tasty.

They gave the extra cartridge, which is compulsory to be attached.  

Overall, an Affordable Water Purifier for Indian households.

Pros & Cons

  • Most Affordable
  • Extra Cartridge
  • 15 liters
  • Material Quality is bit low


After doing research for almost 2 weeks and reviewing almost 50 best water purifier, we came up with these 9 best water purifiers in India from which you should consider buying one.

Based on your water supply and pocket, you should choose the best purifier for home. 

If your budget is low, then you should go with Aquafresh(No. 9).

If you care so much about health, then you should consider buying Pureit Copper (No.3), which is a premium water purifier.

And if budget allows you to spend a bit, then go for other purifiers.

Basic Knowledge About Water Purifiers​

Types Of Filters

There are mainly four types of Water purifiers.

  • RO Water Purifier

It is probably the Best Water Purification method

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Method is used to purify the water using a semipermeable membrane.  

Also, water pressure should be more. Can remove Dissolved solids, Metals and Rust.

  • UV Water Purifier 

It is an Environment Friendly Technology, which uses an Ultra-Violet Lamp

This Filter can kill Bactria, Viruses, But can’t remove their dead bodies.

UV does not change the taste as chemicals are not used to filter water. 

  • UF Water Purifier

Ultra Filtration as name says, It uses numerous filters which can separate water and other unwanted particles.

It Removes Bacteria, Viruses, but it cannot remove chemicals. 

  • Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon filter uses Adsorption Phenomenon, in which it adsorbs the Toxic Chemicals (Like Chlorine) on its surface and makes water drinkable and tasty.

This filter can be used as pre-filter because it doesn’t remove microorganisms and doesn’t reduce the hardness of water.

Which RO Water Purifier Brand is Best ?

Now, here comes the question that which water purifier brand is best for home, and which should I buy, as brands are abundant in water purifiers. Even there are Non-Branded Water Purifiers in the market. We should be aware of them as they don’t sell value for money product.

As some of us know that, Kent is one of the best brands, but other brands are selling water purifiers as good as Kent and at a better price. Like Pureit (HUL), LivpureEureka Forbes and many more.

This also depends on aftermarket services as you have to keep doing the purifier’s service from time to time. Kent and Pureit’s after service is best in most places, but it also depends on the area where you are located, so the best thing would be that you should research in your locality.   

Thank You For Reading 

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